We manufacture and repair composite parts and composite aircraft under MP 22 and AMO 1187.

Manufacture and repair of

  • Doors
  • Spinners
  • Fairings
  • Cargo pods for C206 and C406
  • Engine cowling
  • Landing gear doors
  • Wheel spats
  • Radomes
  • Wheel fairings

'Out of sight out of mind', but Comporob is still going strong. For those who do not know the company, Comporob, established in 1990, manufactures high-quality composite products for aircraft, such as doors, spinners, fairings, landing-gear doors, cargo pods for C206 and C406, radomes and wheel fairings under approval MP 22.

Comporob also repairs the above products and repairs composite aircraft in accordance with manufactures requirements, under AMO 1187.

Felix is well-known in the industry as the DCA Airworthiness Inspector who attended numerous composite courses and who built his own composite homebuilt. The knowledge gained has been passed on to his sons, Edwin and Andrew, who is part of his staff. A new generation is entering the industry and Felix is eager to meet and serve this new group of aviators.

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Plot 244, Bashewa, Pretoria East